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What’s inside a mattress?

A typical mattress is composed of multilayers: an upholstery layer (padding) and an inner comfort block layer. The upholstery layer is largely responsible for the firmness of the mattress, while the inner block layers offer support and some flexibility. Thicker mattresses typically have thicker upholstery layers that are made from a variety of materials such as natural fibers, different types of foam (including memory foam and latex foam), and different man-made materials. Some mattresses even have padding that is made from silk, cashmere, or wool.

It is expensive!

A good quality mattress is a wise investment for a good night’s sleep. Appreciate we spend a third of life in Bed and deserve the best.

Quilted slabs of foam or coir naturally cost less but do not provide the right comfort or support.

Newer technologies & products are available now just like in every product category.

How can i contact to sleep expert?

If you prefer to shop from your home and have questions, we have expert available 24/7 to help you choose the perfect bed for you! Call us toll free at …..1800-180-3672

What guarantee do you give?

Metron products are guaranteed up to 10 years limited warranty(use and care applied), thanks to the quality materials used in their production and their remarkable breathability, which keeps the mattress fresh, hygienic and high performing for longer.

How sleep is affected by a mattress?

Lifestyle factors – age, physical activity, smoking, and illness – are all important. However, your mattress is the most important factor in determining the quality of your sleep. Your mattress should support you and be comfortable enough to allow you to sleep in one position all night, without the tossing and turning that is caused by pressure points. Restless sleep or waking up with aches in your arms, legs and back is a sure sign that your mattress is not helping you get the rest you need.

How to recycle your old mattress?

When your mattress has reached the end of its life, you are left with the question of how to dispose of it properly. Recycling your old mattress is an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of it, and it is a fairly simple process due to the fact that mattress recyclers are becoming more common. Conduct an online search or look through your local yellow pages to find mattress recycling facilities near you.

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